Bude Town Band

Registered Charity Number 1065729


Bude Town Band became a independent brass band in 1895, previously being the Bude Volunteer Band, a detachment of the Duke of Cornwall?s Light Infantry (TA) which included woodwind instruments.

The band hall we occupy at present was formerly The Old Egg Packing Station at Lynstone Road, Bude. It was made habitable in 1972 by voluntary labour.

. Before that we used various halls including the Villa Hall, The Old Picture house and The Violet Tea Rooms.

Bude Town Band has been a registered charity since 1997, but has been in existence for 118 years.  As a registered charity, Bude Town Bands objects are;

To maintain, improve and develop public education in the appreciation of the art and science of music by the presentation of public concerts and recitals and the training of individual band members?

Bude Town Band membership is at present as inclusive as the current Band Hall facility allows.  We do not discriminate on grounds of age, ability, sex, ethnicity, religion or income, and welcome all who wish to maintain, improve/develop their interaction with music, as part of the local community.  

Band membership is entirely free, and this includes access to instruments, music, uniforms, tutorage and the use of the Band Hall itself during supervised opening times. 

We have good links with local schools and add value to their statutory obligations in terms of providing musical education for young people.  We are pro-active in our mission to take music into the community, regularly holding taster session at schools to encourage active involvement and membership. 

Over the many years that Bude Town Band has been in existence, we have become an integral part of Bude's creative community life.  We continue to strive to be an influencing and engaging part of Bude, and seek to do so through the presentation of public concerts and recitals. 

The community of Bude has a year round calendar of events to which the Town Band has become an important traditional contributor.  Among these are Bude Carnival, Gurney Day, Remembrance Day parades and services.  We are also keen contributors to local fundraising events, for example in support of the RNLI and local churches.

All who become involved in Band activities, young or old, benefit in terms of increased self confidence, skills development, team working experience, achieving, working with different age range of people and a chance to have an input across the community.     

Currently band membership and those involved in band activities range between 6 and 80 years old, a diverse age range important to the Bands inclusive ethos.

However, we are presently at risk as an organisation on the basis that the land on which our current Band Hall sits is in the process of being reclaimed by Cornwall Council.  To build a new hall it will cost the band over £180,000. This situation, without the aid of grant funding to establish new Bude Town Band premises, will result in the Band being lost to the community of Bude, along with all associated opportunities and benefits.  The Band are fully committed to development and implementation of the new Band Hall and have raised over £20,000 from the Band?s own fundraising.

In addition, funding of £75,000 has been secured from Cornwall Council.